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Jamara Quadrocopter Loky FPV AHP+ m. Kamera
Artikelnr.: 178324
Hersteller-Artikel-Nr.: 422001
EAN-Code: 4042774416904
Warengruppe: RC Copter
Hersteller: Jamara
Außenmaße (B x T x H): 358 mm x 458 mm x 116 mm [Eigenmessung]
Gewicht: 1.183kg [Eigenmessung inkl. Verpackung & Beilagen]
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Integrierte Kamera: Ja
Technische Details
Typ: Quadrocopter
Gyroskop: Ja
Produktfarbe: Schwarz, Rot
Frequenzband: 2.4
Batterietechnologie: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)


- Decoupled 2.4GHz First Flight View (FPV) Camera system
The model shows the live Camera footage directly on the large colour LCD Display. The pilot therefore has a view as if sitting in the cockpit. The Camera and the Display have their own transmission electronics build in. Because of the 2.4GHz system you will receive a smooth footage transmission even at high range. With the supplied SD card you will be able to save flight videos or photos. These can be viewed directly on the Display, which has an integrated Mediaplayer or copy the footage to your PC via the supplied USB stick.
- AHP+
Automatic oriantation mode with flyback. The model can automatically continue the desired flight direction even if turning around it´s own axis. Ideal to film moving objects. If needed, the model can also automatically fly back to the pilot once the flight direction has been programmed.
- Super Silent Technology
The closed gears and especially formed rotor blades provide a very quiet and pleasant flight acoustic.
- Camera with Photo/Video function and removable 4 GB SD-card
- 360° Flip-Salto
Pressing the flip button once is enough for the model to flip and it will automatically absorb any wrong flight directions.
- Self stabilising 6 Axis flight attitude control
Through in the air and the model hovers automatically, steadily and straight in the air.
- Inteligent LEDs with flight direction indication and low voltage warning
- 4 channel 2.4 GHz Transmitter
The model can flip around it´s own axis with high speeds, which enables you to fly acrobatics.
- All channels can be fully trimmed
- Sturdy and light plastic frame with changeable rotor protection.
- 4 powerful high performance motors
- Up to 40 Km/h fast
- 2 Flight modes; slow and fast
- Turbo function
- Fast changing battery pack
- Aileron + 360° Flip
- Rudder
- Rotary speed
- Roll
Box contents:
- Quadrocopter Loky FPV AHP+ 2,4 GHz
- Transmitter 2,4 GHz
- Flight pack
- 2 x USB charger for model and FPV screen
- Spare rotor blades
- USB Cardadapter for SD-Card
- FPV color LCD screen
- SD Memory Card 4 GB
- Instructions



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